After $MUNA IDO: Project Roadmap, Staking and More.

4 min readMar 2, 2022

MUNA IDO started on 1/3/2022 and will end on Thursday 3/3/2022. IDO is still on, see how to join the IDO (For SWOP stakers)

See how to join the IDO without staking SWOP here

As described in our tokenomics, we will distribute 5,000,000 $MUNA token after our IDO within 5 years vesting period based on blockchain blocks as follows;

  • A total of 5,000,000 $MUNA in 5-years
  • 1,000,000 $MUNA every year
  • ~2,740 $MUNA everyday


  • Publication of the project on Launchpad, the first campaign start:
    February 24 (Thursday)
  • Start of USDN deposit, the second campaign start:
    March 1 (Tuesday)
  • End of USDN deposit, MUNA-USDN pool launch:
    March 3 (Thursday)
  • IDO wrap-up, possibility to claim 10% of MUNA:
    from March 3 (Thursday)
  • Possibility to unstake SWOP:
    from March 17
  • Start of the remaining MUNA unlocking:
    ~ April 2 (estimated date, unlock will start at a certain blockchain height)
  • End of all MUNA unlocking:
    ~ July 1 (estimated date)

What is $MUNA?

$MUNA is the governance and utility token of Muna. more than 50% of the $MUNA token supply is reserved to reward users based on their contribution and participation in the Muna ecosystem.

Planned use cases for MUNA token:

  • Discounts in fiat deposit and withdrawal fees.
  • Launchpad: MUNA holders will be granted premium access to the Muna launchpad and tokenized market.
  • Voting and governance: MUNA holders will vote for the next project/coin to list on the Muna app.
  • Sponsored transaction fee: Muna users will be able to pay for network fees using the MUNA token.
  • Staking and saving reward: Users staking MUNA will earn additional rewards paid out directly to the account.
  • Access to earning centre: MUNA holders will access bounties and airdrops

Part of the revenues generated from the Muna launchpad and tokenized marketplace will be used to buy back $MUNA tokens from the open market to increase the MUNA token value.

$MUNA Distribution for Muna App Users

Muna app users will $MUNA token based on their contributions and app usage. The size of the reward will be decided by the Muna team.

Remember: ~2,740 $MUNA will be distributed everyday.

Planned $MUNA distribution:

  • $MUNA Staking: Muna app users will be able to stake $MUNA one (1) week after IDO. 40% of $MUNA token (~1096 $MUNA) released daily will be distributed to $MUNA stakers.
  • $MUNA Liquidity Providers: 30% of $MUNA token (~822 $MUNA) released daily will be distributed to users who are providing liquidity to MUNA/USDN pool.
  • USDN<>Fiat Agents: Users who work as agents for buy and sell for USDN with fiat currency are eligible to receive daily $MUNA rewards. 10% of the daily $MUNA distribution. ~274 $MUNA tokens will be distributed to USDN<>Fiat agent.
  • Vires Finance Liquidity Providers: Users who provide liquidity to crypto assets in Vires Finance are eligible to receive 10% (~274 $MUNA) of the daily $MUNA distribution.
  • Puzzle Swaps & Staking: Users who swap and stake their puzzle tokens on Puzzleswap via the Muna app is eligible to receive 5% (~137) of daily $MUNA rewards.
  • Swop Swaps & Staking: Users who swap and stake their $SWOP tokens via the Muna app is eligible to receive 5% (~137) of daily $MUNA rewards.

Muna Development Roadmap:

2022 Q1 (Before and After IDO): Launchpad integration. integration, to allow anyone to lend and borrow crypto using Muna. Lend assets and earn daily interest, Muna currently supports lending and borrowing Bitcoin, ETH, Waves, USDT, USDN and USDC. Simple and safe.

MUNA token staking on and Muna app, more asset listing and Cross-chain stable coin swap.

2022 Q2:
Earning centre to incentivize users and onboard more users, Payment requests and pay invoices.

2022 Q3:
Crypto credit card integration. Muna users will be able to fund their virtual credit cards and shop online with a credit card without converting to fiat. Credit cards can be funded with WAVES, USDN, USDT, BTC, ETH and USDC.

2022 Q4:
Muna Launchpad and tokenized marketplace where anyone can raise funds for their projects and businesses.

Revenue Streams

  • Fiat deposit and withdrawal processing fees: Muna will earn from fees users pay to deposit or withdraw fiat (like NGN) to their Muna account.
  • Trading fees: Users pay tiny fees when they trade fiat against stable coins on Muna.
  • Muna launchpad fees: We will charge fees (in percentage) to list projects on the Muna launchpad and some percentage of all accumulated fees is distributed to everyone staking their MUNA token.
  • Third-party project and product listing: Muna will charge fees to list external project tokens, add third-party integrations into the Muna app. Some percentage of accumulated fees are shared with MUNA token holders.

The $MUNA token sale will last till March 3, 2022. $MUNA/USDN pool will be available after the sale is closed.

We are always here to help you. If you face any issue with using Muna, please reach out to us on Twitter, Telegram or email




Muna is a simple and safe money app that helps you to transfer, stake and make global crypto payments. Available for Android on Google Play store.