Early Bird and Airdrop is Almost Here

  • Discounts in fiat deposit and withdrawal fees.
  • Launchpad: MUNA holders will be granted premium access to the Muna launchpad and tokenized market.
  • Voting and governance: MUNA holders will vote for the next project/coin to list on the Muna app.
  • Sponsored transaction fee: Muna users will be able to pay for network fees using the MUNA token.
  • Staking and saving reward: Users staking MUNA will earn additional rewards paid out directly to the account.
  • Governance: MUNA stakers will vote to determine the size of rewards distribution.
  • Access to earning centre: MUNA holders will access bounties and airdrops.

Early Bird $MUNA Vesting

Claiming dates for early bird and airdrop?

  • Users will need to pay a network fee to claim early bird and airdrop rewards.
  • KYC is not mandatory to claim airdrop rewards.
  • Rewards can only be claimed via the Muna apps (android and iOS)
  • Users can claim only once per day
  • Only users contacted via email after vetting are eligible for rewards, this decision can not be changed.



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Muna is a simple and safe money app that helps you to transfer, stake and make global crypto payments. Available for Android on Google Play store.