$MUNA Airdrop and Early Bird Distribution Guide

2 min readOct 21, 2021


Content updated on February 17, 2022.

Muna is a simple and safe cryptocurrency app for crypto savings and payment. It is secure and supports multi-chain cryptocurrencies. Download Muna from Google Play or App Store.

Early Bird Program

Users who start actively saving USDN using Muna before the token sale are called early bird and are eligible for the $MUNA savers reward program. Early-bird rewards will be distributed between these users in proportion to their staked USDN, savings plans, swapped amounts and their supply amount on DeFi Protocol on Muna.

The Early Bird program will last until February 26, 2022 (IDO on swop. fi launchpad). A total of 1 mln $MUNA tokens are reserved for early birds.

Learn more about $MUNA tokenomics

Early-Bird Duration

The Early-Bird program starts on October 21, 2021, at 4:00 GMT+1 and the program will last until the token sale (IDO on swop.fi launchpad). You can get started by creating a savings plan on Muna and start saving USDN, BTC and staking Waves to be eligible for early-bird rewards.

The early-bird rewards will be unlocked gradually within two years after the launch, on a per-block basis.

How to Earn $MUNA Early Bird Reward

Eligibility for early bird reward includes;

  • USDN savings on both flexible and fixed plans (Fixed plans gives more rewards)
  • BTC savings on both fixed and flexible plans
  • Waves staking

Early Bird $MUNA Vesting

Accrued early bird rewards will be unlocked gradually within 2 years after its launch. Blocks are mined on an average of 1 minute (~1440 blocks per day) on Waves.

Approximately, 1,051,200 blocks will be mined in 2 years.


Airdrop Event Closure: 30/10/2021, Sunday, 12:00 GMT+1 (edited)

Claiming airdrop reward starts after MUNA IDO is completed. Airdrop participants will claim their airdrop rewards within the Muna mobile app.


  • KYC is not required to claim airdrop rewards
  • Airdrop reward is for all participants
  • Airdrop rewards are vested and will be claimed within 2 years with a block-based approach

Early Bird Even Closure: 23/02/2022

First Twitter Campaign: Thursday, Feb 24 2022.

Start selling tickets, second Twitter campaign: Tuesday, March 1 2022.

End selling tickets. Start MUNA <> USDN pool: Thursday, March 3 2022.

Early-Bird $MUNA unlocking period: Starts from 3/3/2022.,

IDO Investors $MUNA token claiming period: Starts after token creation

VC, Institutional Investors & Strategic Partners $MUNA tokens unlocking period: Starts from 3/03/2022.

$MUNA/USDN pool will be opened after the sale is closed.

We are always here to help you. If you face any issue with using Muna, please reach out to us on Twitter, Telegram or email support@muna.app




Muna is a simple and safe money app that helps you to transfer, stake and make global crypto payments. Available for Android on Google Play store.