MUNA Token Sale Starts with Purchasing Tickets

3 min readFeb 28, 2022

The sale date for $MUNA tokens is slated to start on 1/3/2022 and the sale will end on 3/3/2022. The price for the $MUNA token will be $1 (1 USDN) during the sale. To join this sale, you need to purchase tickets to buy $MUNA at this 1 USDN price. You need to stake $SWOP token to get tickets allocated to you to buy.

Why not buy $MUNA token directly with USDN?

Ticket Sale helps give everyone a fair chance to buy $MUNA token. There are only 550,000 tokens available for sale, the ticket prevents whales from getting all of the tokens at this IDO price, to prevent market manipulation in future when demand for the $MUNA token grows.

The ticket sale brings fairness as $MUNA token will be distributed evenly with luck! like a lottery 😊

NOTE: You may have as many tickets as you want, there is no limit

What is $SWOP token?

$MUNA token sale is running on launchpad and SWOP is the governance token of Staking SWOP tokens is required for the governance of all operations on the platform e.g the IDO ticket system.

That’s why you need to get and stake SWOP tokens and stake them to get ticket allocation for the $MUNA Token Sale

How much is the ticket price?

For each 2 $SWOP in staking entitles you to buy 1 (one) ticket you will 10 USDN + 5% USDN Launchpad commission.

How may I buy tickets?

1. Get SWOP

Deposit SWOP into your Muna account by clicking on Wallet, goto SWOP and copy deposit address.You may swap your USDN token to SWOP using the “Swap” feature on Muna. After that, click on launchpad and choose MUNA on the “Active IDO” tab.

2. Stake Swop

Go to Muna home tab, tap on “Launchpad”, from active IDO, choose Muna. From the “SWOP Stake sale” tab, scroll down to “SWOP Staking” and click on stake. Input your preferred amount to stake, confirm your consent and tap the big green Stake button at the bottom.

Every 2 SWOP you stake will give you 1 Ticket allocation.

3. Buy Tickets

Go to Muna home tab, tap on “Launchpad”, from active IDO, choose Muna. From the “SWOP Stake sale” tab, scroll down to “Buy ticket” and input your preferred amount to buy, confirm your consent and tap the big green confirm button at the bottom.

You buy 1 ticket for 10 USDN + 5% USDN fee.

Some things you need to know:

  1. Staking SWOP gives you ticket allocation, that is, the opportunity to invest into $MUNA token sale with your USDN
  2. Your staked SWOP token can be unlocked later after the IDO, only the USDN you used for buying ticket is deducted from your account.
  3. After purchasing tickets with USDN, you will be able to claim your MUNA token for all your won tickets. For every 1 ticket you buy with 10 USDN, you are entitled to 10 $MUNA token.
  4. Tickets are what you need to get $MUNA token. As long as you own tickets, you will be able to claim $MUNA token after token sale is closed on Thursday 3/3/2022

$MUNA Token Sale Details

IDO tokens for sale: 550,000 MUNA Tokens

IDO price: $1 USDN / $MUNA

Planned to raise: 550,000 USDN

Pool Launch: 150.000 $MUNA will be used to launch $MUNA/USDN pool.

IDO Schedule

Ticket Sale opens: 01/3/2022, Tuesday

Sale closes: 3/3/2022, Thursday

$MUNA / USDN pool generation event: 3/3/2022, Thursday

Early-Bird $MUNA unlocking period: 07/3/2022, Monday

IDO Investors $MUNA tokens claiming period: Starts from 3/3/2022, Thursday

VC, Institutional Investors & Strategic Partners $MUNA unlocking period: Starts from 3/3/2022, Thursday

The $MUNA token sale will last till March 3, 2022. $MUNA/USDN pool will be available after the sale is closed.

We are always here to help you. If you face any issue with using Muna, please reach out to us on Twitter, Telegram or email




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