MUNA Token Sale Starts with Purchasing Tickets

Why not buy $MUNA token directly with USDN?

What is $SWOP token?

How much is the ticket price?

How may I buy tickets?

1. Get SWOP

2. Stake Swop

3. Buy Tickets

  1. Staking SWOP gives you ticket allocation, that is, the opportunity to invest into $MUNA token sale with your USDN
  2. Your staked SWOP token can be unlocked later after the IDO, only the USDN you used for buying ticket is deducted from your account.
  3. After purchasing tickets with USDN, you will be able to claim your MUNA token for all your won tickets. For every 1 ticket you buy with 10 USDN, you are entitled to 10 $MUNA token.
  4. Tickets are what you need to get $MUNA token. As long as you own tickets, you will be able to claim $MUNA token after token sale is closed on Thursday 3/3/2022

$MUNA Token Sale Details

IDO Schedule



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Muna is a simple and safe money app that helps you to transfer, stake and make global crypto payments. Available for Android on Google Play store.