What is NGNT?

What is the NGNT asset ID?

Why use NGNT?

  • Stable: NGNT is pegged to the value of the Naira and is not volatile.
  • Custom pools: NGNT can be used to set up custom pools on swop.fi and puzzle.org for African-based projects building on Waves. NGNT will best fit for truly African pools 🤗
  • Fast: All NGNT transactions are confirmed in 3–10 seconds on the Waves blockchain without any third-party settlement institution or middleman.
  • Public: NGNT is open and transparent. Every NGNT transaction is recorded publicly on the Waves blockchain and can be viewed by everyone. You can check this out here.
  • Secure: NGNT is issued on Waves Blockchain. NGNT issuance is rooted into the core of Waves blockchain and secured via several nodes around the globe.

How is 1 NGNT =NGN 1 Peg Achieved?

Supported Wallets and Exchanges

Is NGNT a Legal Tender? (No)

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